nohm example REST server

This is an example app that demonstrates some nohm features.
Warning: This app is not a real app and not secure. Do NOT enter real data.

You can create, update and remove users as much as you want. All connected browsers will instantly see all updates.
You can test the login method by entering the name and original password in the second form.
An interval is running on the server that checks the number of users every 5 seconds. If there are more than 5, the least recently updated are deleted so that only 5 remain.
You can also get get the user list sorted (server-side) by clicking on some of the table head columns.

ID (uuid) Name Email Password (hashed) Created at Updated at Edit Remove
Errors: Create or edit user
ID: (fill to change existing)
Email: (optional)
Password: (optional when id set)
Errors: Test login

nohm event log

These events are redis pubsub, so even if you have multiple instances of the node.js app using nohm, they all get the same events.
You can also open another tab or window of this page, do some things there and see the same events end up here.